W.A.R. Bible Study – Getting The Church On Bible Ground – #7 Final Lesson

Dr. Oscar T. Moses – W.A.R. Bible Study

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Study of Colossians – Lesson #7

Colossians 4:1-18

 “Getting The Church On Bible Ground”

 This final chapter is Paul’s completion of his letter to the Church at Colosse. In the previous 3 chapters Paul has given strong warnings to the church as it relates to false teachers that seek to lead them astray by perverting the scriptures. The apostle has also given the church practical applications to apply to daily living. In chapter 4 Paul’s desire is to encourage the Church of Colosse by admonishing and pleading with them for a consistent, fervent and intercessory prayer life. The apostle aims to communicate the vital importance of “having a prayer life” to this community of faith.

Although the Apostle is in prison he continuously mentions how thankful he is.  Paul humbly asked the church to pray for him that God would bless his ministry and that opportunities to share the Mystery of Christ would abound for him. The apostle then shares how prayer will allow the Christian to walk in wisdom and prudently make the best of the time that God has graciously given. The apostle admonishes the believer to be conscious of his or her speech in that the Christians conversations must draw unbelievers to Christ. The Christians conversation should be flavored with God’s grace and ready to share individual personal convictions concerning Jesus Christ.

Finally, verses 7 through 18 are a list of people that have assisted Paul in ministry. He commends these persons, particularly Epaphras, with accolades and praise for faithful commitment to help him further the Gospel message. Epaphras, particularly had great passionate desire to see God’s people become “of age” meaning that they would be “perfect” or mature in their walk with Christ. The apostle finalizes this letter with a request that the church would remember his imprisonment. Paul ends the letter by giving Collose the benediction of God’s grace.


  1. What did Paul prescribe for all believers?
  2. What request did Paul make of his readers?
  3. What did Paul say about the Christian public life?
  4. How should believers speak to others?
  5. Who was Tychicus?
  6. Why did Paul send Tychicus to Colosse?
  7. Who was Onesimus?
  8. Whose greetings to the Colossians did Paul include in his letter?
  9. Which of Paul’s partners in ministry were Jews?
  10. What did Epaphras do on behalf of his church at Colosse?
  11. What relationship did Luke and Demas have to Paul?
  12. To whom did Paul send greetings?
  13. Where did Paul want his letter read?
  14. What instruction did Paul send Archippus?
  15. How did Paul conclude his letter?
  16. Why do you think Paul asked the church to remember his bonds?

Group Questions

  1.  What is intercessory prayer?
  2. Why is prayer important?
  3. How much time should you devote to prayer each day?
  4. In what ways is our conversation “seasoned with salt”?
  5. How well do you relate to unbelievers?
  6. Paul demonstrated the value of teamwork in ministry; how well do you work with other Christians for the kingdom of God?

Because of Him!

Pastor Oscar T. Moses

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