MHMBCOC W.A.R. Bible Study – Christian Family Values – Part 3

Dr. Oscar T. Moses

MHMBCOC – W.A.R. Bible Study

Tuesday, September 29, 2019

Christian Family Values – Part III

Establishing Christian Responsibility and Accountability Within the Home

Ephesians 6-1-4

This week I read a post earlier from this year published on January 19, 2018. The article was titled, “Too Young To Kill, Too Young To Die – Robert “Yummy” Sandifer.” It was written by Emily Thompson. It was the story of a young African American boy here in Chicago that not only was a murderer by the age of 11 but was killed at 11-years old.

11-year-old Robert Sandifer earned the nickname “Yummy” because of his love for cookies. Although he was only 11-years old, “Yummy” he was not the average child. He was born in 1983, his mother was arrested over 30 times for prostituting and his father spent most of Yummy’s short life behind bars. Before the age of 2, he was already known to the Department of Children and Family Services. By the age of 8, Yummy had given up on school and resorted to a life of crime. He soon began to steal cars and break into houses. During his short life, he was charged with 23 felonies and 5 misdemeanors. He was a member of a gang at 8 years old. The gang became his family because he, (one of his friends said) didn’t have love at home.

On 28 August, 1994 Yummy accidentally killed a 14-year-old girl shooting at someone else. It was in September of 1994 that his lifeless body was found in a far Southside underpass executed. He was wearing a sweatshirt with a cartoon character on the front. Yummy’s short and violent life became a symbol of not only the gang problem in America along with the fault of the child services and juvenile justice system but it also represented the picture of a broken family and a broken home.

Yummy’s Story is a reminder and a warning of what could happen when there are no boundaries in the home. It is also a reminder that children need parents that will set limits and boundaries that their children will not become rebellious. Finally, it is a reminder and a warning that parents and children must have a Christian Family Value System that they may know what is expected of them as it relates to the accountability and responsibility in the Lord.


In Ephesians 6 Paul deals with Christian relationships as it pertains to the home. Here, he describes the relational life of parents and children. In this passage, the Apostle gives clear instructions for responsibility and accountability that fosters the relationship within the Christian family home. The apostle begins with the responsibility and accountability as it relates to children and their relationship towards their parents. He gives two directives for children and two directives for parents.

Verse 1Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. This word obey means to stand under. It means “to be under another’s authority.” In the Lord expresses the motivation in which obedience to take place, it means obedience to the Lord. For this is right means this is one of the basic moral laws of life.

Verse 2-3 – The Apostle adds motivation for obedient children. He says it is not only important to obey, but to obey in such a way as to honor your father and your mother (which is the first commandment with promise;) That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

It is possible to obey without honoring if you have the wrong attitude. Verse 2-3 is a directive for children honor their father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;) The promise means that obedience with the right attitude will be a blessing to the child. Not only is this a spiritual law but by natural law we should render obedience and honor to them from whom we have life.

Verse 4And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The word translated Fathers is in the masculine tense and could be translated Parents because it includes both the father and the mother. “Provoke them not to wrath.” The word for wrath here means rebel. Bring them up means to provide nurturing for them. The word nurture means to discipline, chasten or correct them. Admonition means training by words, a mild rebuke of admonishment or correction. Of the Lord means bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.


“The basic difference between responsibility and accountability is that the former is assumed whereas the latter is imposed. While responsibility is understood as an obligation to perform a particular task, accountability denotes answerability, for the completion of the task assigned by the senior.” – KEY DIFFERENCES


  1. What are the two directives given to children?
  2. Why is it mandatory that children obey their parents?
  3. Why does it please the Lord when children obey their parents?
  4. What does it mean to honor your father and mother?
  5. What was the first commandment with promise?
  6. What does “provoke not your children to wrath” mean?
  7. How should parents raise their children?

Life Application Questions

  1. What do you think went wrong in Yummy’s Life?
  2. What could have helped his life turn out different?
  3. Why do you think children disobey their parents?
  4. Name ways that a child dishonors his or her parents?
  5. How does a parent provoke a child to wrath?
  6. How should a parent discipline a child?
  7. How can a parent be too soft on a child?
  8. How can a parent be too hard on a child?
  9. Why do you think so many in the coming generation are leaving the church?
  10. How does this lesson pertain to establishing Christian Family Values in your home?
  11. Do you think the bible is outdated?

In Him!

Dr. Oscar T. Moses


Praying Black Family


*Rights reserved by Dr. Oscar T. Moses – MHMBCOC W.A.R. Bible Studies 2019


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