W.A.R. Bible Study – Living My Best Life -Part 5 – April 2, 2019 – 7PM

Dr. Oscar T. Moses

W.A.R. Bible Study

Mount Hermon Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Living My Best Life Bible Study #5

It Wont Just Happen!


The Pick Up of Responsibility

It won’t just happen on accident or by giving God or life the bare minimum! You must take responsibility towards living your best life. Taking personal responsibilityto commit to spiritual growth is crucial; it means being discipline and consistent in Sunday worship, Christian Growth Academy, W.A.R. Bible Study, Corporate Prayer, and Let’s Stay Together Ministry. It’s all relative to walking into the life God has designed for you.

Those who take a casual or bare minimal approach to pray, study the scriptures, or devote time to maturing in the Christian life, are suggesting that they are satisfied with what they know, what they are doing, and where they are in their spiritual development. They take a “Yeah… yeah… yeah… that’s a waste of time. I don’t need any of that” attitude.

Living your best life will not happen if you do not assume the responsibility for change and your own personal development. This lesson is designed to teach the members of MHMBCOC that living your bestliferequires a spiritual discipline that increases personal responsibility. As nouns the difference between responsibility and discipline is that responsibility is the state of being responsible, accountable, or answerable while discipline is a controlled behavior; self-control.

Jesus told several parables in which responsibility and accountability are disciplines that make up the core of people who are living their best life. Think about it! People that you admire do extra and they are disciplined in whatever they do. The late Myles Munroe made the statement; “We pay to see people that are disciplined.” Whether it is your favorite athlete, performer or preacher; we appreciate (And God Appreciates) disciplined people that take the time to develop what God has given them and do “more” than average.

Consider this illustrative parable of the talents. Before a man went on a journey, he entrusted money to his servants. When he returned, each servant had to give an answer for what he had done with the money assigned to him. Those who were disciplined doubled their money, the master exclaimed, “Well done!” However, the one undisciplined man who hid the money in the ground was severely judged for his irresponsibility.

Group Challenge – Read Matt 25:14-30.

Answer the Following Question

The Biblical Lesson

  1. To what did Jesus liken the kingdom of God in this parable?
  2. What did the man in the parable give to his servants?
  3. What did the servant who received five talents do with his money?
  4. What kind of return on his investment did the servant with two talents get?
  5. What did the third servant do with the one talent his master gave him?
  6. How did the master react to the report of the first servant?
  7. What was the response to the report of the second servant?
  8. What excuse did the third servant give for not investing his talent?
  9. How did the master respond to the third servant’s explanation?
  10. What orders did the master give about the third servant’s one talent?
  11. What judgment was handed down to the “wicked, undisciplined, lazy” servant?

Life Application

  • With what talents or resources has God entrusted you? (Each person name it)
  • What gifts or talents has God given to Mount Hermon M.B. Church of Chicago?
  • What thoughts or attitudes cause us to be lazy in carrying out our Christian responsibilities?
  • Why do you think the third servant really buried his talent?
  • How does being disciplined pay off?
  • What does discipline have to do with faith?
  • How does this parable encourage a person to increase their personal responsibility towards spiritual growth?
  • How does this parable encourage the church to membership to become more involved?
  • What can others benefit most from gifts and abilities that some have buried?

Thought:The more we grow spiritually as good stewards; God increases our responsibilities.

How do the following scripture verses encourage us to do more and become disciplined?

Ecclesiastes 9:10

Proverbs 12:24

Proverbs 22:29

Matthew 25:21

Luke 16:10

Personal Probe

  1. What resource do you need to commit to Christ’s use at this time in your life?
  2. What area of your spiritual life needs more discipline?
  3. How can you invest your talents in serving God this week?
  4. What reminder can you use to hold yourself accountable for the way you manage your God-given resources?

 In Him!

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Dr. Oscar T. Moses



Rights reserved Dr. Oscar T. Moses – W.A.R. Bible Studies – Living My Best Life – 2019

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