I’m Living My Best Life – Part 1 – It’s About That Life! W.A.R. Bible Study

Mount Hermon Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago

W.A.R. Bible Study

Dr. Oscar T. Moses

I’m Living My Best Life Bible Study

If you have been listening… you perhaps have heard young people echoing one of the latest urban catch phrases, “I’m Living My Best Life.” The phrase has been popularized by Hip Hop Legend Snoop Dog and actor and comedian Lil Duval in a musical single release titled, “Smile.” The phrase stuck with me and caused me to critically think and ask the question, “Am I really living my best life according to God or am I delusional and living beneath whom God has created me to be?”

This is a 3-Part bible study series designed to teach the members of MHMBCOC that Living Your Best Life is contingent upon an inextricable relationship with God.

Lesson I

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Its About That Life

Matthew 6:25-33

I must admit that I watch reality TV. I get some good preaching out of watching the way people live their lives. I like the TV sitcom, “The Game”. It’s about the lives of athletes and their love interest and how their lives revolve around the fear of never having enough money, not being popular and not being socially accepted. My favorite character is Tasha Mack. She is always chasing for the right dollar amount, the right man and the right fashions but she is always coming up short. Her signature line is “It’s about that life!”It reminded me that so many people think they are living but day-by-day they are dying. They have all the creature comforts of earth but they have no stock in eternity. Jesus gives us clear instructions in this lesson that teaches us how to Live Our Best Life!


Matthew chapter 6 is apart of what is known as the Sermon on the Mount. It is the longest piece of teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Jesus sat down and began to teach His followers basic truths as it related to living the Victorious Christian Life. The Sermon on the Mount began in chapter 5 and in chapter 6 the context is about trusting God to meet your day-to-day needs.

Chapter 6 begins with a warning. Matthew 6:1 (KJV)– “Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.” Charity to the poor was a basic component of Jewish life. The Greeks and Romans did not believe in charity the way God intended. The only time they would give to the poor was to be seen whereas they could secure their own popularity and status within society. That is why Jesus said in verse 2, “Don’t blow a trumpet and stand in the street to announce what you have given. If you do, you will have your reward here on earth and not in heaven.”

In verses 5-15Jesus talks about the significance of prayer and that the Christian should have a private prayer life. The problem of public prayer emerges when one seeks a response from people and not God. Within these verses Jesus gives an example of the “Model Prayer.”

In verses 16-18Jesus talks about fasting. The Christian should fast but the same principles apply to fasting as to prayer. The Christian should not broadcast that they are fasting and walk around looking as though they cannot make it through the day. While fasting present yourself groomed and alert whereas you will not bring attention to yourself.

Don’t seek possessions is the theme of verses 19-24: Earthly treasures don’t last. All that we often build our lives around have no lasting qualities. Therefore, Jesus gives us direct commands as it relates to our possessions and the things we desire to have in this life. Earthly treasures are fleeting and will eventually pass away. Secure treasures that cannot be destroyed by moths, rust or even a clever thief. Wherever your treasure is that’s where your heart is. If your treasure is materialistic that’s where your heart is and you stand the risk of a great heartbreak. Verse 22-23means that we should focus our affections on heaven and not allow our gaze to be distracted on earthly things. The lesson is that no one can focus on God and the world. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money (Vs 24). Our study will focus on verses 25-34.

Group Questions – Verses 25-34 

  1. What three worries did Jesus discourage among His followers? Why? (6:25)
  2. Why is food a trivial matter? (6:26)
  3. According to Jesus, how do clothes stack up as a subject of great concern? (6:26)
  4. What creatures did Jesus use to illustrate God’s reliability as a provider? Why? (6:26)
  5. Why are God’s creatures consistently “fed and clothed”? (6:26)
  6. Why should we take great comfort from the way the animal and plant kingdoms operate? (6:26)
  7. What benefits does worry bring? (6:27)
  8. What fact from nature did Jesus use to illustrate the folly of worrying over clothes? (6:28)
  9. How did Solomon’s wardrobe measure up to the beauty of nature? (6:29)
  10. What comfort can followers of Christ find in the beauty of nature? (6:30)
  11. Who is consumed by concern over food, water, and clothing? (6:32)
  12. What priorities should we have in life? (6:33)
  13. What does God do for His children when they keep the right perspective, refuse to worry, and trust Him? (6:33)
  14. Why is it silly to fret over the future? (6:34)

Keep It Real! 

  1. What does Living Your Best Lifeas a Christian look like?
  2. Is it a sin not to Live Your Best Life?
  3. Is Living Your Best Lifeand living a safe lifeconflicting?
  4. How does Living Your Best Life reflect your relationship with God
  5. How is Living Your Best Lifea response to God’s goodness?
  6. Why do so many Christians live beneath their Best Life?

In His Care!

Dr. Oscar T. Moses


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Rights reserved Dr. Oscar T. Moses – W.A.R. Bible Studies 2019

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