W.A.R. Bible Study “I Owe God So Much” Pt.1 – Why I Love The Lord – Psalm 116:1-11

Dr. Oscar T. Moses

W.A.R. Bible Study

June 4, 2018

I Owe God So Much– Part I

Psalm 116:1-11

Why I Love the Lord

Amongst the 150 Psalms we find some of the most powerful prayers in humanity. It covers a multitude of spiritual moods and issues that relate to every aspect of life. While it is not clear who the poet of Psalm 116 is, it is categorized as one of the six Hallel of Egypt Psalms that range from Psalm 113 –116. These songs were sung or recited as a prayer publicly in the morning or in the evening after a very important meal of remembrance during the Passover. Psalm 116 is a Jewish Prayer that was used for praise and thanksgiving and recited during the Jewish Holidays. It is very possible that Jesus and his disciples sung Psalm 116 after He instituted the Lord’s Supper.

This psalm is a personal testimony of thanksgiving to God by one person who is grateful to God for a recent deliverance from death. Why does he write this Psalm? He has just stared death in the face and the experience is still fresh in his mind how God brought him out of trouble. Verses 1 through 11 reveals to us 3 things: God has heard, helped and held him!

The psalmist begins with a declaration of adoration, “I love the Lord.”He explains why he loves the Lord in the subsequent verses.

  • Verse 2:He hears me. The psalmist says, “He inclines his ear.”
  • Verses 3 – 6: He helps me. The psalmist experienced great sorrow. However, the psalmist says, “I called upon the name of the Lord”. The end of verse 6 says that he “helped me.”
  • Verses 7-11: He held me. The psalmist confirms to us that God held him up and kept him from falling during the times in his life when he was most vulnerable to affliction and betrayal.

Group Questions

  1. Why did the psalm writer depend on the Lord for help?
  2. What is the focus of the psalm writer’s praise?
  3. How had the Lord provided for the psalm writer’s needs?
  4. From what predicament did the Lord deliver the psalm writer?
  5. What accusation did the psalm writer make against his enemies?
  6. What can we learn about thankfulness from the psalm writer’s attitudes and actions?
  7. How would you like your faith to be like the psalm writer’s?
  8. What should be our response to God hearing, helping and holding us during the time of trouble?

Making It Plain

  1. How could you creatively remind yourself this week to turn to the Lord for help in times of need?
  2. What is one step you could take to renew your worship of the Lord?
  3. Why do we owe the Lord so much? Name 3 things.
  4. How can we show the Lord our love for Him? Name 3 things.
  5. How will you share you love for the Lord in MHMBC? Name 3 things.
  6. How will you share your love for the Lord in public? Name 3 things.
  7. How will you share your love for the Lord with younger generations? Name 3 things.

Because of Him!

Pastor Oscar T. Moses

Psalm 116 Image

Rights reserved by Dr. Oscar T. Moses W.A.R. Bible Study – 2018

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