MHMBC W.A.R. Bible Study 5/30/17

Dr. Oscar T. Moses

W.A.R. Bible Study

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 

A Study of Colossians – Lesson #5

Colossians 3:1-17

“Getting The Church On Bible Ground”

 In the chapter 1&2 Paul thanked the church for their faithfulness. However, the apostle also warned the church of Colosse about teachings that were contrary to that which they had learned. Paul was aware of false doctrinal beliefs that were afoot in Colosse rejecting the deity of Jesus and comparing him to any normal man. Therefore, the apostle educates them doctrinally to help them establish a “true ground” to stand on. He assures each believer that everything we need is in Jesus Christ and that Jesus’ death on Calvary and resurrection reconciled us to God. In these prior chapters Paul is insistent and consistent concerning the nature of Christ and His relationship with the Church.

In chapter 3 Paul’s instructions to the church is to stay focused on heavenly things that will keep our minds out of the gutter. Our pursuit in life should be “Kingdom Centered.” We should not become over fixated on time but focused on eternity. Therefore, he teaches believers the “How To’s” of this life. In this chapter Paul tackles “How To” live at home, manage family matters, and how to get along with others. His methodology for believers is to learn “How To” put aside petty situations that become weights on our Christian Journey and prevent the church from sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He concludes this section by narrowing in on the power of forgiveness and the necessity of peace within the heart of each believer.

Chapter Questions

  1. Where did Paul tell the Colossians to turn their attention?
  2. Where did Paul tell the believers to focus their concern?
  3. What was the Colossians’ security?
  4. Why should believers look forward to Christ’s return?
  5. What must die within us?
  6. What evil activities does God seek to eliminate from our lives?
  7. Why is God’s wrath coming?
  8. What had the Colossians taken off?
  9. What had the Colossians put on?
  10. What distinctions are removed in Christ?
  11. What virtues does God seek to plant in us?
  12. How were the Colossian believers called to clothe themselves?
  13. Why did Paul call on the believers to be peaceful and thankful?
  14. What should we do? How?
  15. What is one principle that ought to guide everything we do?



  1. We often say people are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good. That statement does not excuse us from being heavenly minded. What happens when you make God the center of everything for you? For example: How does life change when you are “heavenly minded?” By that I mean when you are consistent in church, prayer, reading scriptures, thankfulness and doing that which helps others and bring you closer to Him.
  2. What stops you from living the life Paul talks about in this passage?

Because of Him!

Pastor Moses

Open Bible, with textured granite background.



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