W.A.R. Bible Study – Colossians Tour

Dr. Oscar T. Moses

W.A.R. Bible Study

 A Study of Colossians – Lesson 1

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

“Getting The Church On Bible Ground”

Colossians 1:1-10

What does “Getting the Church on Biblical Ground,” mean? It means that the church, as a whole congregation, accepts the Word of God in totality, the church, as a whole congregation, studies the Word of God with intentionality, the church, as a whole congregation applies the Word of God in everyday life reality, and the church, as a whole congregation, is not swayed by the pressures of popularity coming from the dominant cultural masses. Finally, it is a church that is taught and preached the Word of God with the intent of maturing the congregation to imitate the principles, precepts and practices of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Oscar T. Moses


One commentator says, “When Paul wrote this letter Colosse had been a great city but was in the afternoon of its influence.” Paul had never been to the Colossian Church but he was instrumental in its formation. It was a good church but in a city that faced serious, false doctrinal problems. False teachings surfaced in Colosse that sought to undermine the person and work of Christ that the Christians there were first taught and some of those who were Christian begin to embrace this false doctrine. Some attempted to mingle Christianity with mysticism or add the worship of angels. Some even tried to make Christianity exclusive; a form of Gnosticism that taught that Jesus Christ was not enough and that you had to go a step beyond Christ for salvation.

Paul was in jail for preaching the true Gospel of Jesus. Yet, he wanted the church to know that he did not mind suffering for the sake of the True Gospel. His desire for the church was not to be tossed with every wind of doctrine but to be grounded on God’s Word. (On Bible Ground)


  1. Who wrote the letter to the Colossians?
  2. Who was with Paul when he wrote this letter?
  3. How did Paul address the Colossian Christians?
  4. How did Paul greet his audience?
  5. Why did Paul offer prayers of thanksgiving for the Colossians?
  6. From what source did the believers’ faith and love spring?
  7. What did Paul stress about the gospel?
  8. Who taught the gospel to the Colossians?
  9. How did Paul describe Epaphras?
  10. What did Epaphras tell Paul and Timothy about the Colossians?
  11. What was Paul’s primary prayer for these Christians?
  12. *What results did Paul want for the Colossians?
  13. How could the church at Colosse have spiritual strength?
  14. How does God enable believers to share in His inheritance?

Church Application Discussion

  1. Why would you say Mount Hermon is or is not on Bible Ground?
  2. What percentage of our church members do you think study the bible?
  3. How can I improve Bible Study?
  4. How can we get more members to attend?
  5. Why is it important that a church is on Bible Ground?
  6. What are the dangers of a church not being on Bible Ground?

Getting The Church On Bible Ground!

Dr. Oscar T. Moses

Bible study Tuesday Night Pic


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