W.A.R. Bible Study Nov. 1, 2016

Dr. Oscar T. Moses

MHMBC Christian Growth Academy

November 1, 2016

 The Holy Spirit Sustains Ministry When Misunderstood by the Masses!

Acts 21

The Big Picture: Faithfulness In Ministry Often Leads To Being Misunderstood. The Holy Spirit will give you information, confirmation and determination to go forward.

Paul’s Mission is Misunderstood by His Friends

Verses 1-17 –Paul and his companions found a boat going directly to Phoenicia and they voyaged about 400 miles to a city named Tyre where they met other believers. There was no synagogue in Tyre. It took the ship a week to unload and load cargo and Paul stayed with the believers for 7 days. Their message to Paul was, “Don’t go to Jerusalem!” In verse 13 Paul told them to stop all of the dramatics because they misunderstood his mission. The issue was not what would happen to him but what God would accomplish through the obedience of his ministry. His mission was to sacrifice his life for the testimony of the gospel.

Paul’s Message was Misunderstood by the Church

Verses 18-26 –Paul arrived in Jerusalem and met with James and other leaders of the church and finally delivered the offering to the church leaders. Paul told them what the Lord had done concerning the Gentiles through his ministry. They were not really happy with Paul’s presence in Jerusalem. They made him aware that Jews were becoming believers but they were trying to bring the Law of Moses with them. The Jewish converts were zealots that had been fed misleading information that Paul was advising believing Jews to do away with the Law of Moses and circumcision. This did not sit well with James and the church leadership. They misunderstood Paul’s message and looked at him as an unguided missile bringing unnecessary attention to the church.

Paul’s Ministry was Misunderstood by the Jews

Verse 27-40. A group of Jews recognized Paul in the temple and a riotous scene ensued with Paul being grabbed and the crowd incited. Paul was dragged outside the temple gates and the gates were locked so he could not get back in the temple. They beat him and tried to kill him. The captain of the guard arrived and had Paul detained. He tried to question Paul but the crowd was too loud. He had Paul taken into the barracks when Paul turned to the captain and spoke in Greek. The captain was surprised because he thought Paul to be an Egyptian that had been the center of controversy some time before. Paul told him who he was and asked could he address the crowd to clear up any misunderstandings. Paul was granted permission; turned and signaled with his arm and a hush fell over the crowd as he spoke in Hebrew.


  1. What did Paul and his companions find in Patara?
  2. Who did Paul and his companions discover in Tyre?
  3. What was advised to Paul?
  4. What did Paul say to the people of Tyre as he was about to depart?
  5. Whose house did Paul enter when they reached Caesarea?
  6. How many daughters did he have and how does the bible describe them?
  7. Who was Agabus and what did he do?
  8. What did the people advise Paul not to do?
  9. What was Paul’s response?
  10. What was the old disciples name that Paul stayed with?
  11. What happened when Paul met with James?
  12. Why were the brethren upset?
  13. What did they advise Paul to do with four men?
  14. After the seven days ended what did the Jews from Asia do to Paul?
  15. What was their accusation against Paul?
  16. How was Paul’s life spared?
  17. While bound in chains what did Paul say to the chief captain?
  18. Why was the chief captain surprised?
  19. What did Paul ask permission of the chief captain to do?
  20. How does chapter 21 conclude?

Group Questions

  1. Have you ever gone against the advice of others because the Holy Spirit led you? Explain.
  2. Are there instances when compromise is necessary to keep the peace?
  3. Should you adjust your behavior for the sake of others?
  4. What false information has been given about Christianity?
  5. What made Paul so determined?


Bible study Tuesday Night Pic

In Him,

Dr. Oscar T. Moses

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