MHMBC – Acts 16 W.A.R. Bible Study 5/31/16

Dr Oscar T. Moses


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

 The Holy Spirit As Our Navigator

Acts 16:1-40

The Holy Spirit will not show us the future but He will show us our next step. In Acts 16 Paul was on his 2nd missionary journey. He had traveling with him Timothy, Silas and Luke. What are the movements of the Holy Spirit in Acts 16?

The Restrictions

Paul and Silas thought it best to go to Asia Minor but the Holy Spirit blocked their route (verse 6) preventing them to proceed. How? We don’t know. Perhaps a road was blocked off or maybe it was opposition from Jews.

The Revelations

The Holy Spirit navigates through a vision! Paul saw a vision of a man at night praying and pleading for them to come and help them in Macedonia. This is a major move in Christianity. When Paul went to Macedonia he was carrying the gospel from one continent to another. At this point, Christianity was no longer an Eastern religion.

The Riverside

The Holy Spirit navigates the ministry team to the riverside! The first convert Paul had in Macedonia was a woman named Lydia. The ministry team went down by the riverside where they heard it was a prayer meeting and encountered Lydia. She was a seller of purple. She opened her heart to God and was baptized along with her household. Paul and Silas remained at her house as a result of her hospitality.

The Restlessness

The Holy Spirit navigates Paul and Silas to the slave girl! Some time later, Paul and Silas became restless with the behavior of a little slave girl who had psychic powers. After several days Paul rebuked the spirit and the girl was delivered. Her masters were angry because she was their “moneymaker”. Paul and Silas were stripped of their clothes as a result of delivering the youg girl from her masters, publicly beaten and thrown in jail for disturbing the peace. They were placed in maximum security with steel leg irons clamped on their legs.

The Revival

The Holy Spirit navigates Paul and Silas in jail! While in jail, Paul and Silas were moved by the Spirit to begin praying and singing to God. The other prisoners could not believe it. At midnight an earthquake shook the jail cell. The door opened and the leg clamps fell off. The jailer awoke and saw the jail door opened and assumed the prisoners had escaped. The jailer was about to kill himself when Paul stopped him and made him aware that all the prisoners were accounted for. The man asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” Their response was, “Believe on the Lord Jesus!” The next morning his whole family was baptized.

The Resolve

The Holy Spirit navigates Paul and Silas to move on! At daybreak the judge sent to have Paul and Silas released. Paul wouldn’t budge. Paul said, “We are good Roman citizens and we were beaten in public for no reason and now you’re trying to slip us out thru the back door. Tell the judge to come lead us out in the middle of the day!” The court judges did not know that they were Roman citizens. They immediately came and apologized to Paul and Silas and asked them to please leave the city. Paul and Silas stopped by Lydia’s house to encourage them in the faith and went on their way.


  1. When Paul reached Derbe who did he connect with?
  2. Why was Timothy circumsized?
  3. What did Paul present immediatly to those he encountered?
  4. How was Paul directed concerning where he should go?
  5. Who blocked Paul from going to Asia?
  6. What other city was blocked to Paul?
  7. What city did Paul go to after being blocked twice?
  8. Explain the vision Paul saw?
  9. Where did Paul go after the vision?
  10. What happened on the Sabbath?
  11. Who was Lydia?
  12. What happened when Lydia heard Paul preach?
  13. Why did Paul rebuke the slave girl?
  14. Why do you suppose the slave owners had Paul and Silas jailed?
  15. Describe the events of the night that led up to the jailor’s question, “What must I do to be saved?”
  16. How did Paul and Silas instruct the jailer to salvation?
  17. What was the outcome of the jailer?
  18. What did the jailer do for Paul and Silas?
  19. Why did Paul refuse to be released from prison?
  20. Why were the officials shocked?
  21. Where did Paul and Silas go after being released from prison?

Group Questions

  1. Are there times when a Christian should compromise his/her beliefs?
  2. Explain why the Holy Spirit blocks places we would like to go.
  3. Why is it often difficult for Chistians to interact with those who are involved in the occult?
  4. How do you respond to people that tell you they can predict your future?
  5. How do we know when the Holy Spirit is leading or some other spirit has taken control?





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