Matthew 14:29

“And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship,

he walked on water, to go to Jesus.”

Jazz composer John Coltrane at the age of 35 years old after playing with many successful bands for many years decided to grow and launch out on his own.  This was challenging at 35 no matter how good he was. He decided to make an album using all original tunes. This was unheard of because in the jazz industry you always colored someone else’s tunes. He was warned of failure. However, he did it anyway and produced the album “Giant Steps”. It became an instant success because of its complicated rifts. Coltrane’s album “Giant Steps” not only was a success but it set the standard for other jazz musicians that followed. Coltrane had a plan for his personal development and was successful.

Do you have a plan for your personal spiritual growth in 2015? I once heard a statement by John Maxwell that said, “Life is in session! Are you present?” The bottom line is, spiritual growth is an option. It is continuous and vital to living the victorious Christian life. However, many churchgoers are not present in the spiritual life development session.

The truth is, spiritual growth does not happen by accident. You must make it your intention to take the necessary steps towards your own spiritual growth and development.

In Matthew 14 Peter took a giant step that catapulted his understanding of the value of trusting God. Peter took the step that changed his life. On a storm tossed sea the disciples were in a boat that was being tossed like a rubber ball when they saw Jesus walking on the water. They were not sure if Jesus was a ghost or not but Peter asked, “Lord if it is you bid me to come.” Jesus told Peter, “Come!”  Peter took a giant step and walked on water. He took the step that changed his life.

Here are 3 Giants Steps that can change your life in 2015.

  1. Change Your Mind And You Can Change Your Life! Jesus wanted Peter to change his mind towards great possibilities with the assistance of Jesus.
  2. What You Walk Away From Will Determine What God Will Bring To You! Peter walked out of his boat. Had he never walked away from the boat, he would have never known that he could walk on water.
  3. Your Obedience To Jesus Will Stretch Your Faith! Peter did not take a foolish risk but he had a faithful response. He waited for Jesus to call Him before he went.

Praying for your “Giants Steps” in 2015

Dr. Oscar T. Moses


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